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A Portrait Party is an event where artists get together and draw each other. Since we live all over the world, it's not always possible to get together in person. This group (affectionately known as JKPP) Is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose.


OCCASIONALLY though, the world conspires to allow us to come together to draw actually in the same room. Brixton East, Saturday 5 October is one of those times. Please do join us - we love new faces.  We will also be drawing some of our good friends via skype.

Julia Kay's Portrait Party / Saturday 5, 11 - 6


Nicholas Friend Lecture - 1871 (The year Brixton East was built)  Weds 2 / 7.30

Intended as an introduction to the drawing project - itself an exploration of this specific space via drawing and collaboration between artists, musicians and interested parties who happen by - the lecture will help to situate the project and its building by exploring the year in which this once unprepossessing furniture warehouse was built on an odd-shaped triangle of land left by the building of the brand new railway through Brixton.


Nicholas is founder/director of 



This lot (left) are on the Brixton-Kennington tram in 1871

brixtonkennington tram 1871 two-drawing

Drawing in Space   Tuesday - Sunday / 11 - 6 or later - stay as long as we're open

Draw, draw and draw. Whatever you like. Draw what happens in front of your eyes, or something from inside your head, or doodle, or close your eyes and let the pencil slip accross the paper. Drift off into reverie or make a formal structure from which you mustn't stray. Set yourself up as official portrait artist to the project, or somehow measure movement accross the space. Draw. Or in fact don't. If Brixton East wakes within you a desire to crochet nettles, then that is as much part of this whole as anything else. Thats truly an unfollowed whim long laid to rest in my own creative graveyard and won't be making an appearance, but, you know what I mean.


We'll exhibit everything we make during the week at the finale on Sunday.

Greta Eacott, marimba queen and founder of ONE TAKE RECORDS will showcase a variety of short pieces /performances, with a spectacular array of musicians, across different space in Brixton East during Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  In the spirit of the Brixton Drawing Project, the pieces will be largely developed within Brixton East during the day - and performed in the evening. Come for the music between 7 and 9 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, as part of the closing show, we'll be launching a compilation of recordings from the week. Amazing!


One Take Records: a smorgasbord of performances 3/4/5 , 7 - 9

Three improvisers, three instruments. Thats the starting point. Join the session from 6.30, and draw with the music as it is made. Or come and watch, and listen. Don't miss it, it is never to be repeated. Thats kind of the point.  Improvised music and drawing. Brilliant.

Ross Lambert, Ute Kanngiesser, Jennifer Allum   Saturday 5,  6.30 - 10

(guitar)             (cello)                   (violin)

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200 people came to draw in Brixton over 6 days in October 2013. There was a beautiful space, with two capacious floors and a sun terrace, all the paper pencils and charcoal you could imagine, and most of the time there was music. And performance poetry from Matthew Lee Knowles. And some site-specific tinkering by Aharon Na, followed by Rachel Cohen and her drawing evolution experiment, Chinese Whispers. Beginning just with some limited edition prints, and the etchings of Kit Boyd on the wall, as time passed, so the collection of work on the walls grew. And grew. And became both backdrop and influential canvas. The Portrait Party drew participants from bright California via Skype, and Nicholas Friend talked about bloody starving Parisians, and Brixton in 1871. Documentation is below. Do peruse at your leisure x